Terms And Conditions

1. I am aware that participation in a sport or Yoga may result in accident or injury, and I accept the risks connected with the participation in a sport or Yoga. I represent that Member is in good health and suffers from no physical impairment that would limit my use of Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell’s facility. I acknowledge that Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell has not and will not tender any medical services including medical diagnosis of Member’s physical conditions. Bikram Yoga Petaluma, its owners, employees, and agents shall not be sued or held liable for any claim, demand, cause of action of any kind whatsoever for or on account of death, personal injury, accident, damage, cost, or loss of any kind resulting from or related to Member’s use of the facility or participation in any sport, exercise, or activity within the club and its surrounding premises. I also agree to hold harmless on Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell and I release and discharge Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell from any and all claims and liabilities arising out of any negligence whatsoever while I am on the premises participating, or not. I assume full responsibility for all risks, whether foreseeable or not, connected with my presence at the facilities or involvement in activities of Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell. I have read the above release; fully understand its contents, and waiver complete liability.

  2Personal Property. I agree that if I bring personal property to the Property, and I store or leave any personal property at the Property, in the facility and surrounding, I will do so at my own risk and that none of the Released Parties above shall have any liability in the event of loss, damage, unauthorized use (by any person other than a Released Party), theft, or injury resulting from the personal property. Personal property includes all vehicles; Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell will not be subject to pay for any cost related to the above events, nor will we be responsible for any towing or ticket fees that you may acquire.

  3. Guardianship.I fully understand while on the premises and property of Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell, my child or dependent (the undersigned), for themselves, and/or being the legal and acting guardian of child(s) on premises, acting for themselves and/or on behalf of the participant(s), participating or not, release and hold harmless on Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell, its owners, employees, and agents of and from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the non-participant waiting for you, while in or upon the premises which Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell is conducted, or any premises of Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell.

  4. Service. I acknowledge that I am subject to pay for all dues incurred by me obligated to Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell and understand dues are paid in advance for the following month. I accept Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell has the right to refuse service to anyone, including me, for any reason.

  5. Refunds. I acknowledge that Bikram Yoga Petaluma/Yoga Hell does not give any refunds, exchanges, extensions, or transfers on processed class membership packages.

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